1. No rider is to enter bounce house without adult supervision.
 2. Each rider must meet appropriate weight and age requirements. 
 3. No more than 8 participants in a bounce house at any given time.
 4. To prevent injury..participants should be grouped together by size.
 5. Participants must remove shoes, eyeglasses and all sharp objects before entering.
 6. No flip-flops allowed.
 7. No wrestling or rough play allowed
 8. Participants should not bounce too close to each other.
 9. Participants are not allowed to bounce or run into the sides or doorways of the bounce house.
10. All participants and spectators must keep their hands off the netting.
11. No climbing on walls or top of bounce house.
12. No food, drink or gum allowed in bounce house.
13. No silly string, wet face paint or other similar products allowed in bounce house.
14. If bounce house begins to lose air, unload participants until action can be taken. There is no cause for alarm when this occurs. 
15. Unload participants and let air out of bounce house if wind speeds exceed 25 m.p.h.
16. In the event of rain, let air out and put cover bounce house and blower with tarp.
17. Adult supervisor must be at least 18 years of age. 
18. Supervisor must not consume alcohol or be under the influence of drugs during bounce house use.
19. It is the responsibility of the adult supervisor to enforce these terms and remove any participants who do not follow the rules.
20. All rider and other participants enter the bounce house at their own risk.
21. Do not operate without sufficient lighting.


Terms of Use